British Artisan Pasteurised Cheese

Savour the array of tastes and textures of our divine selection of pasteurised cheese. We’ve built close relationships with local farms across the UK to build a diverse and truly exceptional range of cheeses, all made from pasteurised milk.

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Pasteurisation is the process of heating milk to destroy harmful bacteria, neutralising the milk’s natural flora. Artisan cheesemakers use this process as a blank canvas to develop their cheese’s flavour and texture without certain bacteria influencing it, resulting in some potent varieties. To find out more about why milk is pasteurised, read the ‘Pasteurisation’ section of our Cheesemaker’s Alphabet blog here.

Rennet and Rind is home to many delightfully moreish and award-winning pasteurised cheeses ranging from soft to hard. You can find the helplessly crumbly Cornish Yarg, which is wrapped in fresh nettles for a unique appearance, as well as Ashcombe, a nutty and mellow spiritual sibling to the classic French Morbier. Winslade is a runny and creamy soft that transitions from the spruce bark flavour on its rind into deep notes of mushroom in a way that coats your palette. All this and more is spread across our range, so take a look for yourself to find one that whets your appetite.

Want to get a healthy helping of our gorgeous artisan cheeses in one package? Our Mystery Cheese Box is a monthly box of five distinctive cheeses selected and carefully curated by our master affineur, Perry Wakeman. Ideal for a one-time special treat or a recurring delight for cheese-tasting evenings, it’s the perfect way to discover some of the one-of-a-kind offerings hidden in Rennet and Rind’s British artisan cheeses.