Mystery Cheese Box
  • Matured on site at Rennet & Rind by Perry

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Our beautifully curated cheese box contains five outstanding artisan British farmhouse cheeses made by the best independent farm cheesemakers and lovingly aged in our maturing room by Britain's first-ever 'Affineur of the Year' and World Cheese Awards judge Perry James Wakeman.

What Will be in Your Box

You will receive five British artisan cheeses, a pack of complimentary cheese biscuits, and a virtual cheese walk-through held in our maturing rooms detailing what makes the cheese you're about to eat so phenomenal—also, detailed written tasting notes.

Weight: Boxes are approximately 900gm-1.2kg

A Great Gift

Our beautifully curated cheese boxes are a wonderful gift for any occasion. We can help tailor-make your perfect gift box with exceptional cheese companions and personalised messages.

Delivery, Cutting/Wrapping 

Delivery: Free UK delivery on all orders over £50 

Cutting and Wrapping: All cheese is selected and picked from the maturing room on the day of dispatch, cut, and hand wrapped within 24 hours of delivery to ensure maximum flavour. Standard delivery will take approximately 3-5 working days, and express delivery will be with you within 1-3 working days.

Cheese Shelf Life

Dependent on the style of cheese, the majority of cheese wecut and wrap we place 7-10 days shelf life. This is to the industry standardand the shelf life guidelines provided by the SCA (Specialist Cheese MakersAssociation).

We also place an ‘At its best before’ date, this is where yourcheese is as fresh as it can be, and we believe there’s a very special windowof time between cutting fresh and your enjoyment. The cheese is still excellentafter this date and 100% food safe, but we are just informing you of that next-levelexperience.

The only way to extend this shelf life would be to utilise avac packing method which we are firmly against. Vac packing cheese starves thecheese of oxygen and kills most of the great microflora that makes artisancheese taste so great. So, we do not do this at Rennet & Rind.

If you are concerned about use-by dates, give us a call, andwe can time your delivery date to make sure you get the maximum possible. 


What you get.


Rennet & Rind is an award-winning Cheesemonger based in Cambridge, sourcing & maturing outstanding British artisan cheese made on the farm by the very best independent cheesemakers and lovingly aged in our maturing room.


The art of maturing cheese. We have over 40 years experience in selecting, ageing, and grading the finest cheese in the British Isles.


Alongside your cheeses you will get detailed tasting notes and a QR code to a walkthrough video which you can stream on our YouTube channel.


Baked Dotatto Fig Ball - Rennet & Rind British Artisan Cheese
Local Honeycomb - Rennet & Rind British Artisan Cheese