British Artisan Cheeses

Experience the finest British cheese available online with our handpicked selection of delicious artisan cheeses here at Rennet and Rind. From traditional cheddars to creamy blues, our curation of British cheese offers a wide range of delectable options that can all be delivered straight to your door.

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English cheese is in a renaissance period with so many new and rich flavours and textures from local farms, and we’ve been there to document it. We’ve travelled up and down the country and tried local cheeses and sized them up to see if they’re palatable enough to be inducted into our esteemed collection - it’s why we were the first British recipient of the ‘Affineur of the Year’ award in 2022 and held our title in 2023.

If you’re a fan of bries, our Baron Bigod is a savoury curiosity that first hits with a creamy butter and mushroom flavour, then accents with notes of pan-roasted parsnips. Elsewhere, our crumblier and stronger blue cheeses include a dazzling take on blue gorgonzola in the form of Beauvale, as well as our very own vegetarian-friendly blue cheese known as The Duke. It certainly lived up to the name after winning the Super Gold title at the World Cheese Awards.

For the softer palette, Rennet and Rind’s camembert cheeses are among our most revered. Sussex Camembert is a masterclass in creating mild cheese that is still spry on the palate and the lingering sweetness of Tunworth wowed Raymond Blanc himself, who declared it as the 'Best Camembert in the World'.

Consider our Mystery Cheese Box if you’re new to our collection and want to try a hand-picked selection of British artisan cheeses with information cards so you can get to know each of them one by one. Give your tastebuds the flavours they don’t know they’ve been waiting for at Rennet and Rind.