British Artisan Blue Cheese

Taste the tangy perfection of British blue cheese from Rennet and Rind. From the creamy and mild Stilton to the crumbly and piquant Dorset Blue Vinny, our online store offers a wide range of delicious options that can be delivered straight to your door.

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Blue cheese is visually unique as well as gustatory. This cheese type is inoculated with mould to create a sharp, salty flavour with a creamy texture that contrasts with the crumbly veins of mould. Blue cheese is often the showstopper of the cheese board. Take The Duke, which is exclusive to Rennet and Rind and a Super Gold winner at the World Cheese Awards for the way it delivers complex flavours with a rich gold and blue appearance.

Our selection of the finest varieties continues with Beauvale, a playful blue that beckons the bold and the refined. Look at its gentle blue veining and velvety texture and taste its soft creamy heart before it gives way to a blend of sweet and salty undertones. Dorset Blue Vinny and Cropwell Bishop Stilton both have an unmistakable melt-in-your-mouth quality with a spicy tang that is nigh on impossible to find anywhere else. Young Buck swells with saltiness and a high level of minerality, and that is just the tip of the iceberg that is our British blue cheese collection.

If you’re new to our collection or simply want to try a hand-picked selection of British artisan cheeses, our Mystery Cheese Box is curated by an award-winning affineur every month. Whether you want a one-off for a special occasion or a monthly subscription, we offer a box of five cheese varieties complete with information cards so you can get to know each of them one by one. Give your tastebuds the flavours they don’t know they’ve been waiting for at Rennet and Rind.