Goat & Sheep Cheese

Delight yourself with the full-bodied flavours of goat and sheep cheese. At Rennet and Rind, you can savour a rich selection of flavours and textures all made from goat and sheep cheese by British artisan cheesemakers.

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Goat cheese varies by age and can begin as a soft and tangy younger cheese to a crumbly and earthy texture and flavour as it ages. One of our fan favourites is Sinodun Hill, which was awarded the title of Britain’s Best Cheese at the World Cheese Awards. Goats cheese is often visually stunning, from the earthy Driftwood, which looks like a log of bark that’s washed up on shore but contains a creamy, citrusy centre, to the striking charcoal surface of Cerney Ash, which belies a subtle, mousse-like mouth feel.

By contrast, sheep cheese has nearly twice the amount of fat and protein as goat or cow milk, which results in incredibly rich and piquant. Wigmore is a semi-soft heavy hitter in more ways than one. It tastes like a trip around the farmhouse, starting with a mushroom rind, to a meaty and nutty breakdown and finishing off with a milky core, and it was recently voted the 16th best cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards. Browse this and more of our range and find a new favourite that you can’t help but take out of the fridge time and time again.

If you’re seeking a way to explore the proficient world of British artisan cheeses, whether a newcomer unsure of where to begin or a connoisseur eager for new tasting experiences like goat or sheep milk cheese, the Rennet & Rind Mystery Cheese Box presents an ideal opportunity. This expertly curated monthly box features five distinctive cheeses selected from our collection, offering a unique exploration curated by our master affineur, Perry Wakeman. Perfect for a one-time special treat or a recurring delight for cheese-tasting evenings, discover the enchantment of Rennet and Rind’s British artisan cheeses.