Pavé Cobble

Pavé Cobble
Pavé Cobble

Made by Peter Humphries at White Lake Cheese in Somerset, Pavé Cobble is a lactic style Ewes milk cheese. It starts with a sweet cream flavoured followed by slight tangy flavour finishing with a hint of lemon. Unique in the fact that the truncated pyramid shape is rolled in ash. Starting as a wrinkled silvery grey to a thicker more natural mold rind dominated by greens and blues over time. Awarded Supreme Champion Cheese 2017.

  • Matured on site at Rennet & Rind by Perry

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Unpasteurised( Thermised)

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Raw milk or unpasteurised milk is milk that has not been pasteurised, a process of heating liquid foods to kill pathogens for safe consumption and extending the shelf life.

Thermised milk is raw milk that has been heated for at least 15 seconds at a temperature between 57 degrees C and 68 degrees C.

Pylle, SOMERSET, British isles

Pylle is a village and civil parish 4 miles south west of Shepton Mallet, and 7 miles from Wells, in the Mendip district of Somerset, England. It has a population of 160. The parish includes the hamlet of Street on the Fosse. The village is very close to the site of the Glastonbury Festiva

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Whitelake Cheeses

"White Lake’s home is set at Bagborough Farm – just off the Glastonbury festival site, in Pylle Somerset. The milk we use to create our wonderful goat cheeses is provided by Roger’s own beloved herd – a mix of Toggenburg, British Alpine and Saanen goats. Roger and the team take great care to ensure our four-legged suppliers are as happy as can be – they are fed a specially adapted diet ideal for cheesemaking. A local Guernsey herd provide our cows’ milk and our sheeps’ milk comes from a flock also located just down the road. The result is minimal food miles, support for our Somerset neighbours, and truly exceptional cheese!"


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