What makes Rennet & Rind Special

Rennet and Rind is a multi-award-winning cheesemonger and affineur with over 3 decades of sourcing and maturing astonishingly great artisan cheese.

Selecting and Creating Outstanding British Artisan Cheese

Rennet and Rind is a multi-award-winning cheesemonger and affineur that sources and matures astonishing artisan cheese from across the UK. We source from the very best independent cheesemakers, made on the farm and lovingly aged in our maturing rooms.

At the heart of Rennet and Rind is a partnership between director Perry Wakeman, a two-time recipient of the ‘Affineur of the Year’ title, and founder Mark Hulme, who has spent the last three decades creating pioneering artisan cheese. Our mission is to introduce our loyal patrons to the world and craft of British Artisan Cheese via our cheese selection and Mystery Cheese Box, delivered to our subscribers every month.

Who are Rennet & Rind

Mark Hulme and Perry James Wakeman combine their unparalleled expertise and shared passion for British artisan cheese. Mark, the visionary founder, and Perry, the UK’s first-ever ‘Affineur of the Year’, work closely together to champion and pioneer the finest British cheeses. Together, they’ve nurtured a deep commitment to quality, innovation, and education within the industry.

Award Winning Cheeses

As well as stocking dozens of award-winning cheese, we make our own varieties. Take a look at two world-class cheeses created by our very own founder, Mark Hulme.

The Duke

Awarded Super Gold at The World Cheese Awards.

An exquisite, cultured blue with complex flavours which develop a soft natural rind and a golden interior with dashes of royal blue. The Duke is creamy, sweet and salty with a delicious peppery finish.

The Duchess

Awarded Bronze at The World Cheese Awards in San Sebastián.

A firm and supple alpine-like cheese, bathed in English Sparkling Rosé from the Saffron Grange family vineyard to create a cheese full of buttery flavours, with an elegant curtsy of sweet notes.

Our History

It all started with a slice of Kefalotyri. Our founder Mark Hulme’s first love affair with cheese began in 1977 whilst living in Cyprus, tasting authentic Halloumi from local markets and sitting with a Cypriot shepherd who offered him cheese and bread; specifically, his first taste of a tangy, sharp Kefalotyri. This created the passion that drove Rennet and Rind into existence.

In 1989, Mark began selling artisan cheese around Cambridge out of one van and a small coldroom. As the business expanded over two decades, Mark started taking on more staff. In 2013, Perry joined the team, bringing with him youthful exuberance, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a magnificent beard. He would quickly become a close partner and the second lifeblood of Rennet and Rind.

Keen to develop our own unique cheese, we undertook a months-long process of development and refinement in 2014, producing two cheeses: The Duke and The Duchess. We’re eager to give something back to the industry we love, which is why Rennet and Rind became a Patron Academy of Cheese in 2017. We were able to deliver the first professional cheese certification in the UK, promoting knowledge to anyone who has a love of cheese and wants to know more.

Education is key to taking the cheese industry forward, and this includes Mark and Perry. After returning from France where he studied the art and science of maturing cheese with Herve MonS - Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2018, Mark put plans in place to build our first maturing cellar, allowing us to develop unique profiles of British cheese ourselves. Meanwhile, Perry took the same trip to France the same year and became a certified affineur, a journey leading him to be crowned the UK’s first-ever ‘Affineur of the Year’ in 2022 and again in 2023.

Bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve gone from strength to strength. Perry and Mark continue to receive regular invitations to judge at the World Cheese Awards, and in 2023, we opened our first-ever retail shop in Stamford to great acclaim. It’s just another step in our goal to become the foremost cheesemonger in the UK - supporting, championing and pioneering British artisan cheese.

Our British Farmhouse Cheesemakers

British farmhouse cheese has been a rich chapter in our national heritage and in the last 50 years, we’ve witnessed a cheese revolution in this green and pleasant land of ours. Now, Britain is making over 1,000 named cheeses and winning more awards at the World Cheese Awards than our French cousins.

At Rennet and Rind, we strive to build personal connections with our British farmhouse cheesemakers, working very closely with them to understand the challenges they face and what makes their cheese so great. We regularly visit farms to see the cheese being made and where all that wonderful flavour comes from. Many of our products are locally sourced, and by supporting local suppliers we're able to help them keep making delicious cheese and ensure food miles are minimised.

Visit Our Shop

In many ways, Rennet and Rind is about bringing back the tradition of cheesemaking to a new generation. In October 2023, we opened our very own brick-and-mortar shop in the heart of Stamford High Street in Lincolnshire. Come and meet our team in the flesh as we show you samples of our collection so you can find something new, and take a selection home with you.

From Pasture to Diary

What makes British artisan cheese truly remarkable is not just the final product, but the entire journey from pasture to dairy. This intricate process, steeped in tradition and craftsmanship, forms the backbone of our mission to deliver cheese of unparalleled quality. Discover the meticulous stages of cheese production - from the tending of livestock to the expert ageing techniques employed in our maturing rooms - to get a comprehensive look into the art and science behind our award-winning cheeses.