British Artisan Soft Cheese

Treat yourself to the creamy delight of soft British cheeses with Rennet and Rind. Each one has a different character from another and is certain to spark intrigue and be polished off at a social event.

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Soft cheese puts emphasis on the freshness of cheese. With very little ageing time, these cheeses age from the outside in, creating bloomy rinds that keep their creamy goodness inside until you cut into it. France is famous for its soft cheeses, but at Rennet and Rind, we’ve found British artisan soft cheeses that provide incredibly unique takes on the French methods. Instead of a traditional brie, consider Baron Bigod, an enriching complex English brie made in Bungay, Suffolk and carrying hints of roasted parsnips and mushrooms. For camembert lovers, why not try Tunworth, which takes camembert and transforms it into a sweet, earthy fromage?

Our soft cheese collection is home to some of the best cheeses in the world, with multiple varieties winning prestigious titles at the World Cheese Awards. Sinodun Hill is a mellow affair of citrus and nut flavours, while Driftwood gets its name from its roughshod, weather-beaten rind that belies a subtle complex flavour profile of rice, wine, vinegar, pepper, and rye. All of this and more is available to taste along with many other divine British soft cheese pleasures in our online selection.

Looking for a way to introduce yourself to the world of British artisan cheeses, or explore more delicious varieties? The Rennet & Rind Mystery Cheese Box is just what you’re looking for. Curated by our award-winning affineur every month, each month you can have a journey through five cheeses that you’ll savour. Whether you want a one-off for a special occasion or a monthly subscription, give your tastebuds the flavours they don’t know they craved at Rennet and Rind.