Wholesale British Artisan Cheese

British artisan cheese is in the healthiest state it’s ever been, bursting with new ideas and astute craftsmanship. At Rennet and Rind, we are specialists in providing cheese wholesale to restaurants, farm shops, delicatessens and more. Under the care of our award-winning affineur Perry Wakeman, our cheeses are handled with the same craftsmanship as those who made them, meaning you’ll be selling them with flavour and aroma experiences that have won several international awards.

Cheese Counters

The British cheese industry has over 1,000 varieties, and you can have the very best of them from all over the map in your delicatessen with Rennet and Rind. Supporting British produce not only places you beyond the generic supermarket varieties but also shows your appreciation for sustainable cheesemaking practices. Supply your deli with a delectable range of cheeses that take your customers on a journey, each one with its own rich story that’s still being written.


Restaurants are the home of food of the highest art, and at Rennet and Rind, we see that the artisanal cheesemaking traditions that make our cheese are to a similar standard. Why not support this homegrown produce? Our curated cheese selection invites acclaimed varieties with deep, complex flavours that will set your dishes apart and enchant your patrons. Don’t take our word for it - take the word of the World Cheese Awards, which has collectively bestowed dozens of awards on these varieties.

Farm Shop & Deli

Farm shops are the home of local, sustainably-made produce where every piece of food is the result of centuries of heritage, months of meticulous nurturing and the rich biodiversity of the British Isles. At Rennet and Rind, we provide some of the world’s finest cheeses from farm to table, all matured by our affineur, who has been awarded Affineur of the Year twice, and with a variety that reflects the diversity of British artisan cheese today.

About Us

Rennet and Rind was founded by Mark Hulme, who began selling artisan cheese in Cambridge and has since expanded significantly. Over the past few years, we’ve developed a loyal following through our Mystery Cheese Box, which delivers a selection of five artisan cheeses to all our subscribers every month. Following a resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to grow, opening our first retail shop in 2023 and striving to be the UK's leading supporter of British artisan cheese. Learn more about us here.

Stock Your Shelves with Britain’s Finest Cheeses

Bringing the finest flavours and highest quality cheeses to your establishment has never been easier. Follow our simple three-step process to partner with us and discover cheeses that are bound to become favourites among your clientele.

Step One

Wholesale Computer

Fill out our Wholesale Account Application Form and wait for us to contact you.

Step Two

Download the app and add your camera

Select the cheeses you would like to stock - we can help you find what you’re looking for!

Step Three

Place anywhere indoors and enjoy

Collect the delivery in a refrigerated package ready to sell and use in the best condition.

Training & Support

Learn with us to give your operation the best chance of success.

Joining the Rennet & Rind family as a wholesale partner opens more than just the door to Britain's finest artisan cheese selection; it's your access to an unparalleled learning opportunity with Perry James Wakeman, Britain's first ever 'Affineur of the Year'—a title proudly retained.

Our comprehensive training programme is meticulously designed to ensure you and your team excel in every aspect of operating a successful cheese counter. Over one or two immersive days at our flagship store in Stamford, Perry himself will guide you through the fundamentals of cheese retail excellence.

Our Cheese Selection

When running a food business, variety is what keeps patrons coming back. Our offerings are curated to cater to every palette with a gamut of tastes, textures, softness, milk types, rennet types and appearances. Each cheese comes from independent farms and is at the pinnacle of their exceptional work. By choosing Rennet and Rind, you’re giving a window into the heritage of British cheesemaking, preserving, and celebrating it at the same time.


Got questions or ready to join the cheese revolution?

We're all ears and here to help. Drop us a line or give us a ring—whether it’s about stocking your shelves with Britain's finest or just to chat about the world of artisan cheese, we're here and keen to talk.

We aim to get back to all our cheese-loving friends within 24 hours during business days. Because, let’s face it, when it comes to cheese, every moment matters!

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