Sourcing Cheese: UK vs. Global Suppliers


Just like the world of gastronomy, cheesemaking is an expression of culinary craftsmanship and tradition that stretches across centuries. Deciding whether to source cheese from British independent dairies or large-scale global suppliers mirrors the broader choices we face in the culinary realm—each option bearing its own impact on flavour, community, and environmental sustainability.

Amidst the current recession gripping the UK, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate the economic turbulence. This challenging climate makes the decision of sourcing even more critical, as every choice impacts a business's bottom line and its ability to weather these tough times.

However, there is a case to be made for championing British artisanal produce. As cheese import continues to cause nightmares for restaurants, delicatessens and shops, there’s an opportunity to support traditional, sustainable practices that these small producers embody, and to appreciate the deep connections between the food we eat, the people who make it, and the planet we all share. Join us as we delve into the benefits of British cheese suppliers, advocating for a choice that supports artisanal cheesemongers.

Import Hassles Eliminated

With the average cheese import price standing at over £4,600 per ton as of June 2023, according to IndexBox’s cheese market analysis, the financial burden for those importing cheese is clear. When you choose homegrown, these costs evaporate, liberating your budget to support British artisans who dedicate themselves to their craft.

Beyond financial savings, sourcing British cheese eliminates the time and temperature sensitivities associated with long-distance shipping, ensuring you receive cheese at its peak freshness. We wouldn’t be so bold as to say it will enhance the quality of your cheese selection, but the cheese available at Rennet and Rind has collectively won dozens of awards from the World Cheese Awards.

Sustainability at the Heart

Choosing to support artisanal cheesemongers is a step towards more sustainable living. Independent cheesemakers often employ less intensive farming methods than their industrial counterparts, prioritising practices that significantly lower their carbon footprint. By supporting these artisans, you contribute to a system that values heritage breeds, traditional farming techniques, and, ultimately, a more carbon-friendly output. This approach not only mitigates the environmental impact but also promotes biodiversity, standing in stark contrast to the monoculture landscapes of industrial farming.

Matured for Freshness

Under the expert care of Perry Wakeman, a two-time Affineur of the Year winner, Rennet and Rind's cheeses are matured to perfection. Perry's skilful ageing process ensures that each cheese we offer is imbued with unmatched flavour and aroma, celebrating the craftsmanship of its maker. This attention to detail means our cheeses are not only a healthier option than shipping from overseas due to fewer additives but also provide an unparalleled sensory experience you can only expect from an artisanal cheesemonger.

Supporting British Culture

Choosing homegrown cheese is a vote for regional economies and the rich tapestry of British cheesemaking. It's a celebration of the stories, traditions, and people behind each wheel or block of cheese that reflects on your values as a business owner. By opting for homegrown, you're nurturing the cultural heritage that makes British cheese uniquely compelling and contributing to a vibrant economy.

At Rennet and Rind, we are passionate about supplying you with the finest British artisan cheese, each piece with its own story and flavour profile. If you're interested in enriching your business or kitchen with our selection, reach out to us using our application form. Together, we can foster a community of cheese lovers who not only savour the exquisite taste of artisan cheese but also support the sustainable, traditional practices that make such culinary delights possible.

Perry James Wakeman

Head Cheesemonger of Rennet & Rind. Qualified MonS Affineur, World Cheese Awards Judge and Patron/Trainer of The Academy of Cheese.

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