Premium Wholesale Cheese For Your Farm Shop


Farm shops aren’t just places to buy bread, fruit, veg and cheese - they stand as beacons of tradition, offering a window into the soul of the countryside and its artisanal bounty. They are the embodiment of a movement towards sustainable living, British produce, and the preservation of age-old culinary crafts. Farm shops are an expanding sector in the UK, with one third of all farm shops opening in the last 10 years. It shows a desire from customers for authentic quality produce from smaller farms. Enter Rennet and Rind, your premier wholesale cheese partner bringing you the rich practice of British artisan cheesemaking into the fold of your offerings.

At Rennet and Rind, we see cheese as a story of heritage, a product of meticulous craftsmanship, and a testament to the rich biodiversity of the British Isles. By featuring our selection of artisan cheeses, your farm shop will not only become a hub for cheese enthusiasts but will also champion the local economy, support sustainable farming practices, and provide a direct link between your customers and the dedicated cheesemakers who are the backbone of this vibrant industry. In this blog, we explain in more detail why we are the ideal farm shop supplier for you.

Become an Important Outlet for British Produce

In the heart of every community, farm shops serve not just as markets but as the very embodiment of British culture, tradition, and the farm-to-table ethos that so many of us cherish. As such, incorporating Rennet and Rind’s artisan cheeses into your farm shop backs that notion up, and gives your patrons a broader taste of what British has to offer.

We at Rennet and Rind pride ourselves on our close relationships with homegrown cheesemakers, allowing us to bring you cheeses that are not only superior in taste and quality but also steeped in the rich heritage of British artisanal cheese-making. Our affineur, Perry Wakeman, brings unparalleled expertise to the maturation process, ensuring each cheese we supply embodies the perfect balance of flavour and texture. This partnership goes beyond business—it’s about supporting your fellow workers and enriching your offerings with stories of tradition, craftsmanship, and a shared passion for the finest British produce.

Embrace Sustainable Farming

By choosing Rennet and Rind, your farm shop not only gains access to a selection of award-winning cheeses but also aligns with a sustainable and ethical supply chain that supports British farmers and cheesemakers. By prioritising heritage breeds and age-old farming techniques, these artisans significantly reduce their carbon footprint compared to larger, industrial operations and they contribute to a system that champions biodiversity. Customers will appreciate that you’re part of a network that is standing up to the monocultures of industrial farming and aiming towards a more sustainable - and flavourful - alternative.

Stock Expertly-Matured Varieties

At the core of Rennet and Rind’s unmatched selection of artisan cheeses lies the expertise of Perry Wakeman, our esteemed affineur and the first British recipient of the prestigious Affineur of the Year award in both 2022 and 2023. With a nuanced palate and a deep respect for the cheesemaking tradition, Perry ensures that each cheese in our collection matures to perfection, embodying a harmony of flavours and aromas that are simply unparalleled.

Broaden Your Cheese Selection

Britain is bursting with different avenues of cheesemaking, and it all adds up to over 1,000 varieties. Our curated selection at Rennet and Rind is a testament to that extraordinary diversity. Our commitment extends to inclusivity, featuring vegetarian options that forego animal rennet, alongside a spectrum of cow, goat, and sheep milk cheeses. From the velvety embrace of bries and camemberts to the unmistakable, robust flavours of our blue cheeses, and the delightful crumble of aged cheddars and other hard cheeses, we offer an array of choices to delight every set of tastebuds.

If you're interested in having Rennet and Rind supply wholesale British artisan cheese to your farm shop, please reach out to us via our application form. We're excited to share with you the finest selection of artisan cheeses, each boasting its own unique story and flavour profile.

Perry James Wakeman

Head Cheesemonger of Rennet & Rind. Qualified MonS Affineur, World Cheese Awards Judge and Patron/Trainer of The Academy of Cheese.

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