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Gastronomy is an intense world. High standards. Time pressure. Monumental quantities of dishes prepared in any single service. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an important part of your ingredients taken care of by an experienced wholesale artisan cheese supplier with an award-winning affineur? At Rennet and Rind, we specialise in premium wholesale cheese, curated to award-winning flavours and textures to enhance your menu and enchant your patrons.

However, our passion extends beyond simply providing exceptional cheese. We are devoted to supporting homegrown producers and championing the farm-to-table movement that values sustainability, community, and the preservation of artisanal cheese-making traditions. For those ready to transform their culinary offerings with the UK's finest selection of artisan cheeses, let's run down why we are able to create unforgettable dining experiences with you that celebrate the joy and art of cheesemaking in all your dishes.

Innovate Your Menu with Artisan Cheese

Raise the bar with your menu by offering mouthfeels, complexities and depths from our range that will set your dishes far apart. Artisan cheeses are made using techniques that explore the natural progression of cheese as it matures rather than delivering the same flavours every time.

Each batch matured the artisanal way differs because of marginal changes to the environment and cultures that grow on it, developing its own unique twist in its flavour profile that hits far more potently than any store-bought, cellophane-wrapped cheese. Though you may have concerns about the inconsistency of artisan cheese, think of it as a dynamic positive element to your menu - an opportunity to offer your patrons an exclusive dining experience every time they visit.

Award-Winning Cheese Matured by Us

It’s not just us that think highly of the cheese we offer. The World Cheese Awards have given out dozens of Silver, Gold and Super Gold awards to many of the cheeses in our range, attesting to their exceptional quality and distinctive flavours.

However, having the cheeses is one part of the job, and we have the affinage chops to nurture these cheeses to their full potential. Our affineur Perry Wakeman is a two-time Affineur of the Year winner in 2022 and 2023. As the first British recipient of this prestigious award, Perry represents the pinnacle of cheese maturation in the UK. His exceptional skill in affinage ensures that each cheese reaches its peak flavour and texture, providing a taste experience that complements the culinary craftsmanship of your kitchen.

Dependable Delivery

In the high-pressure world of dining, where even the smallest disruption can sometimes offset food service immeasurably, having a reliable delivery of ingredients is vital. At Rennet and Rind, we have experience with consistently delivering our cheese on time. Every month, we dispatch Mystery Cheese Boxes monthly to hundreds of subscribers, demonstrating our expertise in handling large, regular orders with ease. This is echoed and reinforced by our positive customer testimonials on Loox, affirming our consistent performance in meeting expectations.

Supporting Homegrown Produce

At Rennet and Rind, we understand the growing desire among restaurants to offer farm-to-table dining experiences that not only delight the palate but also contribute positively to passion-led British communities and economies. Our passion for supporting British produce is at the heart of our operations.

The benefits of supporting British produce extend beyond the immediate impact on your menu and restaurant's ethos. It's a step towards a more sustainable future, reducing the carbon footprint associated with imports and long-distance food transportation. Additionally, it helps preserve the traditional cheese-making practices that have been passed down through generations and have formed part of British culture, ensuring they continue to thrive in the modern age.

If you're interested in having Rennet and Rind supply wholesale British artisan cheese to your restaurant, please reach out to us via our application form. We're excited to share the UK’s finest selection of homegrown artisan cheeses with you, each boasting a unique story and flavour profile.

Perry James Wakeman

Head Cheesemonger of Rennet & Rind. Qualified MonS Affineur, World Cheese Awards Judge and Patron/Trainer of The Academy of Cheese.

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