British Artisan Washed Cheese

Discover the rich flavours of British washed cheese with Rennet and Rind’s artisanal selection. A single bite of a washed rind cheese will unearth delicious savoury flavours that have soaked into it for months, releasing into your tastebuds with a potency like few other kinds of cheese can.

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Washed rind cheeses have a much different maturing process than most other cheeses. As the name implies, they are washed regularly in solutions such as brine or alcohol to cultivate different types of mould to form on the rind. The result is a cheese that is soft in texture, strong in aroma and has a taste that leads you somewhere unexpected. From the cider-soaked Yarlington to the nutty and smokey bacon combination hidden inside Rollright, these cheeses have the capacity to truly wow like no other type of Fromage delight.

Rennet and Rind is home to incredible local washed rind cheeses that spin ideas into edible gold. Ogleshield is washed with a special brine every three days to develop a slightly pungent orangey-pink rind, which gives the cheese its deeply savoury and slightly sweet flavour, supple texture and aptness to melt beautifully for a Raclette. Alpen Cheddar combines the cheesemaking techniques of Germany and Devonshire to create a multi-faceted rarity that starts nutty and ends with a bright apricot long tail.

All this and more can be found in our immaculate washed rind cheese collection. If you want to leap into the world of British artisan cheeses with our recommendations, try our Mystery Cheese Box. This monthly box of five artisan cheeses is curated by our two-time Affineur of the Year winner Perry Wakeman to deliver a taste journey into the joyous unknown. Be it a one-off for a special occasion or a monthly subscription for a regular cheese-tasting evening, savour the magic of Rennet and Rind’s British artisan cheeses.