British Artisan Cheese Suitable for Vegetarians

Savour the artisanal wonders of vegetarian-friendly British cheeses from Rennet and Rind. Everyone should be able to experience excellent cheese even if they are not fond of eating meat, thus we make sure to keep an ample amount of vegetarian cheese without animal rennet.

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Vegetarian cheese is made without animal rennet, either being made from plants such as figs, nettles and thistles, or microbial sources that make use of moulds and fungi. These cheeses are no substitute that tries to live up to the original - they are defined by their use of vegetarian rennet and flourish because of their unique protein mixture.

The variety on offer is all the same as the rest of our artisan cheese collection. From creamy soft cheeses such as Winslade and Sinodun Hill to hard cheeses like the nettle-cloaked Cornish Yarg, endlessly sweet Mayfield and sumptuously rich Connage Gouda, each carefully selected to represent the pinnacle of British cheesemaking artistry. There is even room to have potent, veggie-friendly blues such as Cropwell Bishop Stilton.

If you’re interested in gifting someone the joy of discovering new cheeses they never knew their taste buds yearned for, explore our Mystery Cheese Box. Curated by our award-winning affineur Perry Wakeman every month, it is a box filled with a journey of five delicious cheeses along with quality crackers and an information pamphlet, ready to try and savour each turn of the calendar.

Our Cheese Box remains a mystery until the later stages of the month when Perry makes a video talking through his picks, which is when you can find out which cheeses are vegetarian-friendly. Whether you want a one-off for a special occasion or a monthly subscription for a loved one, it’s an enlightening way to experience Rennet and Rind’s collection of artisan cheeses.