Young Buck

Young Buck
Young Buck

A robust and rounder flavour than other stilton's, Young Buck possesses a high level of minerality and a noticeable degree of good salting. The rind is quite gnarly contrasting the delectable smooth paste resulting in its delightful mouthfeel. The cheese dissipates quickly, but the full flavour continues to endure long after.

  • Matured on site at Rennet & Rind by Perry

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Holstein Fresians 

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Manor Farm is an organic dairy farm with around 250 British Friesian and Dairy Shorthorn cows on diverse herbal pastures.



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Raw milk or unpasteurised milk is milk that has not been pasteurised, a process of heating liquid foods to kill pathogens for safe consumption and extending the shelf life. 

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A Word on Rennet & Rind Maturing

"Young Buck has a ton of character and lives up to its name of being Raw. Salt of the earth type cheese. Every batch is tested and worked out what it would go well with."

Perry James WakemanCheese Guy & Maturer

Newtownards, northern ireland,  BRITISH ISLES

Newtownards is a town, townland and civil parish in County Down, Northern Ireland. It lies at the most northern tip of Strangford Lough, 10 miles east of Belfast, on the Ards Peninsula. It is situated in the civil parish of Newtownards and the historic baronies of Ards Lower and Castlereagh

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Person - Young Buck

Michael Thomson

Michael Thomson went from cheese enthusiast at Arcadia Deli in Belfast to cheese making student at the School of Artisan Food, Nottinghamshire. Upon graduating he gained experience from some of the UK leading artisan cheesemakers, before going on to be head cheese maker at Sparkenhoe Farm. With the desire to produce his own cheese within Northern Ireland Michael turned to crowdfunding platform, seedrs. Supported by friends and backed by 98 investors, he is now operating out of Newtownards, buying milk from a single herd and is supplying Northern Ireland with its first raw milk cheese. Its name is Young Buck.


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