British Pecorino Blue

The distilled essence of what blue cheese lovers love about blue cheese. 

Pecorino Blue is pearlescent with specks of turquoise blue. The aroma provides a pointer of what you’re about to embark on - a cheese for the bold and the brave. At first, a trick; unbelievably smooth texture with a peppy sweetness, and then this cheese takes off, a rolling rich and intense piquancy, followed by pepper, then a re-emergence of 'perfumeesque', piquant sour bursts, finishing with a slightly sharp note signalling you to grab another piece.

  • Matured on site at Rennet & Rind by Perry

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  • MILK


Lacaune & Friesian Sheep

The Lacaune is a breed of domestic sheep originating near Lacaune in southern France. The native region of these sheep is the Tarn and Aveyron departments and surrounding areas. This region is collectively known as the "Roquefort Sector



The process of pasteurisation involves heating milk to 71.7°C for at least 15 seconds (and no more than 25 seconds). Because of the nature of the heat treatment it sometimes referred to as the ‘High Temperature Short Time’ (HTST) process. Once the milk has been heated, it is then cooled very quickly to less than 3°C. The equipment which is used to heat and cool the milk is called a ‘heat exchanger’.

A Word on Rennet & Rind Maturing

"We are still working out our precise methods of looking after Pecorino Blue. We'll report back when we have a more detailed note."

Perry James Wakeman - Affineur of the Year

Otley,West Yorkshire, British isles

Otley is a market town and civil parish at a bridging point on the River Wharfe, in the City of Leeds metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire, England. Historically a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, the population was 13,668 at the 2011 census

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Mario Olianas

"Hi, my name is Mario. I was born in Vienna to an Italian father and an Austrian mother. From 6 months old, I was brought up by the sea in Sardinia. My Papa is a fisherman who has always encouraged my love of good fresh produce.

Having worked in catering both by the coast and in the Italian mountains, ready for a change, I moved to Yorkshire in 2001. The original purpose was to learn the English language. However, having met my partner, Sonia and finding I loved Gods Own County, I never went home! I saw an opportunity to start my own business, selling homemade Italian produce at Leeds Farmers Markets. This gradually expanded to include more produce at several farmer's markets. I have always been a firm believer that if you put your heart and soul into the food you produce, it really does show in the end product. I am really proud of the various cheeses we produce and honestly believe they are some of the best you can get. 

At Yorkshire Pecorino, we are a small-scale, award-winning artisan cheese maker. You will not find us in your large supermarkets. We genuinely want our focus and dedication to be on each of our cheeses, made to perfection individually, where quality does come first. I get up at around 3am daily to make the cheese in small batches. Each cheese is Individually moulded and cared for until they are ready to be enjoyed. Nothing is rushed. I ensure we only use the very best ingredients, where possible, sourced as locally to our Leeds dairy as possible. I hand pick the supplier of our Ewes milk to ensure that they feel as strongly about the welfare and wellbeing of the animals as I do. If the Ewes are well cared for, it shows in the quality of the milk, which in turn ensures the cheese I can supply to you is as good as it can be.

I am passionate about what I do, which is why I don't see this as a job or work. I am as enthusiastic today as I was when I started making my cheeses. "

Sheep Milk, Salt, Animal Rennet, Starter culture, Mould culture.

of which saturates16.14g
of which sugars1.3g


Allergens, Ingredients and Nutritional Information Disclaimer

These details have been carefully prepared and are provided for information only. Whilst every effort, care and attention to detail has been taken to provide accurate details, we strongly recommend that you refer to the product label and packaging prior to consumption. Rennet & Rind is unable to accept liability for any errors and omissions or information that may be incorrect. If you require further information, please contact us on 01480 831 112 or email




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