Inspired by the world-famous Morbier, a classic French cheese from the Franche-Comté, Ashcombe features a striking line of wood ash running through the centre of the cheese. The cheese is washed in brine daily for 5 weeks to develop a bright terracotta rind.

Devilishly and deceptively morerish. On the first bite, you would not be remiss to have underestimated this cheese, that is until you notice that your hand is gravitating towards another piece, and then another. The flavour then builds, becoming rich with subtleties of white meat with a lactic freshness. The bitterness is once again subtle, delicate and complex, like the skins of hazelnuts. The texture is pliant and chewy which is so important with a gentle cheese, mixing the air with the body of the cheese, unlocking those complex flavours with the power of your nose.

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Holstein Fresians & Shorthorn

Manor Farm is an organic dairy farm with around 250 British Friesian and Dairy Shorthorn cows on diverse herbal pastures.



The process of pasteurisation involves heating milk to 71.7°C for at least 15 seconds (and no more than 25 seconds). Because of the nature of the heat treatment it sometimes referred to as the ‘High Temperature Short Time’ (HTST) process. Once the milk has been heated, it is then cooled very quickly to less than 3°C. The equipment which is used to heat and cool the milk is called a ‘heat exchanger’.

A Word on Rennet & Rind Maturing

"We noticed that Ashcombe likes to develop a little bit too lively in our maturing room, so on occasion we are now rewashing when some microflora begins to take off, and we are also experimenting with different patterns of washing"

Perry James Wakeman- R&R Affineur

Cotswold village of Chedworth, BRITISH ISLES

Chedworth is a village and civil parish in Gloucestershire, southwest England, in the Cotswolds and is known as the location of Chedworth Roman Villa, administered since 1924 by the National Trust.

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David Jowett

David trained in culinary arts before cheese took him away from the kitchen. While on an internship at Ram Hall Farm, he enrolled to study for a one year diploma in dairying at the School of Artisan Food, where he studied the craft of farmhouse cheesemaking alongside other traditional food disciplines. His journey in cheese has taken him from co-managing a branch of Paxton & Whitfield to making cheese at Berkswell, the Welbeck Estate (Stichelton), the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, USA, Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, and then two years as head cheesemaker at Gorsehill Abbey Farm, Worcestershire, before embarking on Rollright in 2015

Cows' Milk, Salt, Animal Rennet, Starter culture, Lysozyme (Egg).

of which saturates21g
of which sugars0.1g


Allergens, Ingredients and Nutritional Information Disclaimer

These details have been carefully prepared and are provided for information only. Whilst every effort, care and attention to detail has been taken to provide accurate details, we strongly recommend that you refer to the product label and packaging prior to consumption. Rennet & Rind is unable to accept liability for any errors and omissions or information that may be incorrect. If you require further information, please contact us on 01480 831 112 or email


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