Bath Soft

This quadrilateral Organic marvel, crafted in the vein of a Brie, epitomises the finest attributes of a sublime soft cheese. It boasts a tender, creamy, buttery core that yields to the palate, whilst the rind imparts a delightful bite. The heart of this cheese is a delicate fusion of mild, buttery nuances, whereas the rind offers a deeper exploration of flavour - think morning forest, earthy, sodden mushrooms with a concealed twist of citrusy lemon tang.

Though residing on the milder side of the Brie-style spectrum, this cheese's complexity is undeniably captivating and not to be overlooked.

Perry is maturing two profiles of this cheese, one leaning more in fresh and another more savoury. As it's new cheese to us to cannot guarentee a profile until we have a conistent pattern of sales, but Perry will select the best types to suit your range. 

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Holstein Fresians

Holstein Friesians are a breed of dairy cattle originating from the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland, and Schleswig-Holstein in Northern German



The process of pasteurisation involves heating milk to 71.7°C for at least 15 seconds (and no more than 25 seconds). Because of the nature of the heat treatment it sometimes referred to as the ‘High Temperature Short Time’ (HTST) process. Once the milk has been heated, it is then cooled very quickly to less than 3°C. The equipment which is used to heat and cool the milk is called a ‘heat exchanger’.

A Word on Rennet & Rind Maturing

"A thicker rind then most brie styles. It's important as the cheese ages in our maturing rooms to ensure that the rind remains a good thickness to allow the flavours to be well balanced, and texture smooth."

Perry James Wakeman- R&R Affineur

Park Farm, kelston

Park Farm, situated in Kelston near Bath, is a captivating location that combines natural beauty with a thriving agricultural setting. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, this idyllic farm is a haven of tranquility. The rolling fields and verdant pastures provide a nurturing environment for the farm's livestock and crops.

The farm's proximity to Bath adds to its allure, allowing visitors to experience the best of both worlds: the peaceful countryside and the vibrant city. The charming village of Kelston, with its rich history and quaint charm, further enhances the appeal of Park Farm.

Whether you're exploring the breathtaking landscapes, indulging in farm-fresh produce, or simply immersing yourself in the rural ambiance, Park Farm offers a delightful escape from the bustle of city life. Its location serves as a gateway to embrace the beauty of nature and experience the agricultural heritage of the region.

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The Padfield Family

For four generations, the Padfield family has joyfully tended to their milking herd at Park Farm. In 1914, Edward Ernest Padfield embraced the stewardship of the 240-acre farm. His wife crafted Cheddar cheese in the farmhouse's adjoining building, while cows were hand-milked in the nearby structure. The family worked with a small herd of Shorthorn cows.

In 1990, Graham Padfield revived the cheese-making tradition, using the same buildings where his grandmother had made Cheddar nearly 80 years earlier. However, in 2015, a new cheese dairy was constructed next to the cattle dairy and milking parlour, bringing production even closer to the milking process, just a stone's throw away.

Park Farm is renowned for its Bath Cheese, which gained popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was even recommended to Admiral Lord Nelson in a letter from his father following Nelson's victory at the Battle of Copenhagen. Graham Padfield discovered the recipe for Bath Cheese in an old grocer's recipe book. It called for full cream milk, feather-dusted salt on young cheeses, and a soft texture covered with white mould.

Innovation continued with Graham's creation of Wyfe of Bath cheese in 2000, a delightful semi-hard cheese named after a character in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Bath Blue cheese production commenced in 2010. These cheeses have received widespread acclaim, winning numerous awards. Bath Blue emerged victorious at the World Cheese Awards 2014-15, surpassing over 2,700 cheeses worldwide.

All of the Padfield family's cheeses are meticulously crafted using traditional manual methods, resulting in exceptional flavor profiles. Their commitment to time-honored techniques ensures that each cheese carries a distinctive and remarkable taste.

Cows' Milk, Salt, Animal Rennet, Mould Culture, Starter culture. 

of which saturates17g
of which sugars<0.1g

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