What do you get when you put Devonshire and German cheesemakers together?

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What do you get when you put Devonshire and German cheesemakers together? Sounds like the beginnings of a terrible joke, right? Actually, the answer is AlpenCheddar. Currently the most sought after cheese in the UK. Stocks are running low and there won’t be more for quite some time. 

Funny story. You know a cheese is good when you're sent a little taster batch and you immediately have to express how phenomenal the cheddar to the chaps who made it, at Quickes. That expression of enjoyment was in the form of a voice note from me, swearing a fair bit about how unexpectedly superb the cheese was. It's fair to say, the voice note has done the rounds to Cheesemaker and seller alike as a tool to profess how great it is. DM us for recording. 

Needless to say, this is a true rarity in the industry. It not that often as a seasoned cheesemonger that you get taken aback by a cheese. One that stops you in your tracks and gets you quite excited. A profile of cheese you haven’t tried before. AlpenCheddar is sweet, nutty, roast meaty, fresh berry fruity and herby and any other - ‘y’s’ you might be able to think of! 

Let’s talk a little bit about AlpenCheddar, and why it so ‘pioneeringly’ unique. AlpenCheddar is made using a rare and highly experimental technique combining Quicke’s Mature Cheddar with Hofkäserei Kraus’ flagship cheese, Alp Blossom. The Mature Cheddar is added to the curds during the traditional Alpine cheesemaking process. The wheels are pressed into moulds and matured for 3 months in the home village of the cheesemaker, Albert Kraus. 

Result? Phenomenal. 


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