Perry’s Visit to Fen Farm Dairy

For National Cheese Day, I had the pleasure of spending the day with one of Britain’s finest cheesemakers, Fen Farm Dairy. Located in the heart of the English countryside, this dairy is known for its innovative practices and exceptional cheeses. Here's a glimpse into my visit and the delightful conversations I had with Jonny, Iona, and Blake.

A Day at Fen Farm Dairy

Overlooking the lush pastures of Fen Farm, Jonny, Iona, and I wandered through the farm, discussing various topics ranging from green energy to the intricacies of cheese production. The conversation flowed as smoothly as the milk from their prized cows, touching on the following fascinating subjects:

Green Energy and Sustainability

Fen Farm Dairy is a beacon of sustainable farming practices. We talked about their use of solar panels and other green energy sources that power their operations. This commitment to sustainability not only reduces their carbon footprint but also ensures that their cheese is produced with the utmost respect for the environment.

Advancements in Cheese Production

The dairy's expansion into larger make rooms and the use of advanced milking cloths was another highlight. These innovations have allowed Fen Farm to increase their production capacity while maintaining the high quality of their cheeses.

Weather Challenges and Innovations

The wet weather has always been a challenge for farmers, but Fen Farm Dairy has turned this to their advantage. The use of hay burners and other innovative techniques helps manage the farm's microclimate, ensuring the cows remain healthy and productive year-round.

AI in Farming

We also delved into the future of farming with AI technology. Fen Farm is exploring how AI can enhance their operations, from monitoring cow health to optimizing feed efficiency. This forward-thinking approach ensures they stay at the forefront of the dairy industry.

The Legacy of Baron Bigod

Back in 2013, I was honoured to receive some of the first batches of Baron Bigod cheese from Fen Farm Dairy. This cheese has become a cornerstone of my offerings, and I continue to proudly supply it today. Baron Bigod, a raw milk Brie-style cheese, is renowned for its creamy texture and rich, complex flavours. Discover more about Baron Bigod.



Meeting Blake at White Wood Dairy

During my visit, I also had the chance to catch up with Blake at White Wood Dairy, which now occupies the old Baron Bigod make rooms. Blake has been experimenting with a new cheese, St. Helena, and it was a joy to discuss the evolution of their cheeses over the years. Learn more about the delightful St. Helena.

Looking Ahead

Given all these innovations and advancements, I couldn't help but think about where our industry will be in another ten years. The dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation at Fen Farm Dairy is a testament to the bright future of British cheesemaking.

Reflections on the Day

Spending National Cheese Day at Fen Farm Dairy was a memorable experience. From discussing green energy and AI in farming to reminiscing about the first Baron Bigod cheeses, the day was filled with inspiration and hope for the future of artisan cheesemaking in Britain.


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