British Raw Milk Artisan Cheese

Experience the uncompromised flavours of raw milk cheese with Rennet and Rind. If you’re searching for a cheese that you truly will not find anywhere else, raw milk cheese leaves everything to chance and harvests a one-of-a-kind flavour profile every time.

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With raw milk cheese, you never truly know what you’re going to get. Foregoing the heat-treating pasteurisation process that other cheeses go through, raw milk cheese retains the natural bacteria and enzymes in the milk, meaning that it allows more factors to affect the final product. Taste and textures can vary wildly depending on a range of intangible conditions during the making and ageing process.

With our online store, you can indulge in the rich and complex flavours of British unpasteurised cheeses with our carefully curated selection. From the creamy and buttery Young Buck, across the taste and texture spectrum to the sharp and tangy Westcombe Cheddar, we offer a broad range of options that showcase the unique qualities of raw milk.

Some of the world’s most acclaimed cheeses utilise the unpredictability of raw milk, and Rennet and Rind is home to many of them. The Duke is a creation of our very own founder and won Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards - the highest honour - for its complex balance of sweet and salty with a flooring peppery finish. This is just the beginning of what we have on offer in our unpasteurised cheese collection.

If you’re seeking a way to dive headfirst into the world of British artisan cheeses but not sure where to start, or simply want recommendations to explore more avenues of cheese tasting, such as raw milk cheese? Give your attention to the Rennet & Rind Mystery Cheese Box, which is a curated monthly box of five cheeses from our lineup that delivers a unique journey guided by our very own affineur Perry Wakeman. Be it a one-off for a special occasion or a monthly subscription for a regular cheese-tasting evening, savour the magic of Rennet and Rind’s British artisan cheeses.