Cows' Milk Cheese

Savour the variety of Rennet and Rind’s rich emporium of cow’s milk cheese, from soft to hard, blue to crumbly cheese. Discover how British artisan cheesemakers use cow’s milk in spectacular ways with our collection, which is loaded with incredibly varied tastes, textures and scents that have won award after award.

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Cow’s milk cheese is omnipresent in the cheese world. Because of how abundant cow’s milk is, it is by far the most popular form of cheese and is in everything from cheddars to camemberts, goudas to bries. With a great balance of fats and protein, there’s a vast array of artisan cheese to be made.

The Duke is a raw milk blue cheese that has won the prestigious Super Gold award at the World Cheese Awards, for its creamy, salty and sweet flavour profile and picturesque exterior. On the other end of the scale, Tunworth is a soft camembert-style cheese that manages to revolve between notes of cabbage, garlic and earthy mushrooms underneath its crumbly white rind. If a brie is what you’re craving, Baron Bigod is among our biggest savoury showstoppers, with initial notes of creamy butter and mushroom before accents of pan-roasted parsnips take hold.

If you’re new to artisan cheese or would like a selection of our cheeses, we have the answer for you. Each month, an award-winner affineur, celebrated for their discerning taste, hand-selects the finest offerings for our Mystery Cheese Box. Opt for a single box to commemorate an event, or embrace the epicurean adventure with a recurring subscription. Satisfy your palate with cow’s milk cheese matured by Rennet and Rind.