What is Affinage, and why is it so important?

Cheese affinage is a crucial part of the cheese-making process. It helps develop flavor, texture, and overall quality. In the UK, cheese affinage is a traditional practice that plays a big role in the country's thriving artisan cheese industry.

The goal of cheese affinage is to create the ideal environment for the cheese to age and develop flavors. This usually involves storing cheese at a specific temperature and humidity and turning and flipping the cheese regularly to ensure even aging. The type of cheese and desired flavor profile determine the specific affinage techniques used.

Cheese affineurs, or cheese agers, are professionals who oversee the affinage process. They use their knowledge and expertise to carefully monitor and care for the cheese as it ages. In the UK, there are many artisan cheese producers and affineurs dedicated to the craft of cheese affinage.

Cheese affinage is vital to the UK's cheese industry. It plays a big role in the production of beloved artisan cheeses like Cheddar, Stilton, and Caerphilly. These cheeses are known for their complex flavors and textures, which result from careful aging and attention to detail.

Cheese affinage also has economic benefits for the UK. The country has a thriving artisan cheese industry with many small-scale producers and affineurs who rely on the craft to make a living. This industry supports small businesses and contributes to the local economy, as well as preserving traditional cheesemaking techniques.

In conclusion, cheese affinage is a crucial part of the UK's cheese industry. It helps develop flavor, texture, and overall quality, and it supports small businesses and the local economy.

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