Rennet & Rind to Open Its Doors, Bringing the Finest Artisan British Cheese to Stamford

Stamford, 12/09/23 – In a delightful new addition to Stamford's vibrant independent shop scene, Mark, Jan, and Perry proudly announce the grand opening of Rennet & Rind this mid-September. With their combined expertise in affinage (maturing cheese) and acclaim as world cheese judges, this dynamic trio is set to reshape the cheese landscape of Stamford.

Part of Rennet & Rind’s charm lies in its thoughtfully curated selection of artisanal cheeses. Patrons can expect to taste distinctive cheeses like the traditional cloth-bound Wensleydale 'Yoredale (Old Roan)', a testament to the unparalleled flavours achieved by traditional cheese-making methods. This cheese particularly embodies the divergence between mass-produced alternatives and artisanal brilliance, boasting intricate flavours from bright citrus to deep, earthy mushrooms. Additionally, the shop will feature unique cheeses like the AlpenCheddar, which can be previewed on their website.

But Rennet & Rind isn't just about selling cheese. The founders envision a hub of cheese education and appreciation. Plans are underway to roll out a series of immersive experiences that connect customers directly with cheesemakers, renowned cheesemongers, cheese authors, and other esteemed personalities from the cheese world. Having judged world cheese events, the team boasts an enviable network and is eager to bring these experiences to Stamford.

A standout feature of Rennet & Rind is the expertise of Perry, Britain's first, second, and only recipient of the 'Affineur of the Year' award. Customers will experience unparalleled freshness with whole cheeses straight from the maturing room, displayed with pride on the counter. Perry's seasoned touch ensures that every cheese slice shares a story, and patrons will get an insider's look into the cheeses Rennet & Rind has championed over the years.

The Rennet & Rind team shared, "Our goal is more than just opening a cheese shop. We aim to be a beacon for British artisan cheese, showcasing the rich tapestry of flavours and stories our nation has to offer. Stamford, get ready to embark on a delectable journey with us!" 

Discover more about their offerings and join the anticipation at or on their socials @rennetandrind.


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    Where is the new shop located please….???

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