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The Academy of Cheese

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We are proud to be a Founding Patron & Training Partner of The Academy of Cheese

The UK’s first certified professional qualification beginning with Level 1 Associate of The Academy of Cheese, and culminating in the highly qualified, industry accredited, ‘Master of Cheese’

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Level 1: Associate of The Academy of Cheese

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who loves cheese, whether that’s for career development, or just for any cheese enthusiast who wants to be able to talk about cheese like an expert.

The Associate Level One course has been created to introduce you to the fundamentals of cheese.

Learn how cheese is made and matured and how you can use this knowledge to assess quality, develop an understanding of the provenance and discover the huge range of cheeses that are available.

Who is Level 1 aimed at?

Cheese Lovers, Foodies, Cheesemongers, Chefs, anyone who has a love for cheese and aspires to become more knowledgeable.

Level 1 is a great gift idea as a cheese experience day.

 What will you be learning?

  • The History of Cheese
  • How cheese is made & matured
  • How to taste cheese like an aficionado!
  • Cheesemaking & Milk Production
  • Maturing, Affinage and Grading
  • What makes a great Cheeseboard
  • Presentation and Serving
  • Structured Tasting
  • Learn about 25 key Cheeses

 Learning Materials

  • Full day’s training course
  • The Delegate pack (containing all you need to know)
  • Online learning platform
  • Online Examination

Assessment Criteria

Accreditation is awarded to students that achieve 24 marks or above (from a possible 30 questions) in our multiple choice online exam.

The questions are taken from the nine elements of learning outlined above. The current pass rate is 91%

Why do it?

It’s a fun experience for any food lover.

You’ll gain confidence and explore cheese more widely.

It’s an Industry accredited, recognised qualification for professionals looking to enhance their career.

Our Job is to Help You Pass

Presented by our cheese experts, this one-day course includes plenty of cheese tasting, the Academy of Cheese delegate pack, access to the online training materials & examination, a light lunch, and refreshments.

Cost of the course £195 +vat

Academy of Cheese Gift Certificate

The Perfect gift for cheese lovers and foodies alike

For more information please call our team on 01480 831112 or email us at