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Locally-made food is becoming increasingly clamoured for. With the same old industrially-made cheeses on supermarket shelves, food lovers are looking towards more esoteric varieties that come from independent farms. We’d pull up a statistic or study to prove our point, but the simple fact that we’ve been able to open up a Rennet and Rind brick-and-mortar shop and still have it going strong after 6 months is indicative of a demand for authentic quality produce from smaller farms.

With local produce becoming a more important part of our shopping habits, why should we be choosing British cheese, over its sometimes more famous European counterparts? Yes, there are renowned cheeses like Gorgonzola, Gouda and Brie that are rightfully staples on the shelves, but there’s a case to be made that choosing British cheese is not only a vote for sustainability, but affordability and quality, too.

So cut off a slice of thought-provoking cheese and join us as we uncover the reasons behind the British cheese renaissance and how Rennet and Rind is at the forefront of this deliciously British movement.

The British Cheese Renaissance

It’s not just reasons of national pride why we should support British cheese - as the Telegraph wrote, the French are going mad for it too. Famously British cheeses such as Stilton and Cheddar have become en vogue internationally, and are starting to become as enthralled as we are by the unique twists and obscure places across the UK that define our artisan cheese.

Where once many would scoff and turn their noses up at cheese produced in Britain, the quality we produce is simply too high to ignore now. The quality has spawned from a passion for farming and a culture that welcomes inventiveness, with no “sacred cow” varieties that cannot be toyed with - look at how fan-favourite Baron Bigod reinvents the classic Brie-de-Meaux recipe to bring out a hidden scent of pan-roasted parsnips. With hundreds of varieties on offer and a healthy system in which the cream rises to the top, we have a cheese industry that dominates the World Cheese Awards every year. Writer Tomé Morrissy-Swan put it brilliantly - “British cheese has improved dramatically over the past 40 years. Once the poor man of Europe, it’s now up there with the best.”

Kinder to Our Countryside

Choosing British cheese as opposed to international cheese is important for those of us who are looking to make more sustainable choices in our diet. British dairy products, from milk and cream to cheeses and butter, offer an environmentally friendlier option because they remove the need for long-distance transportation and importing, resulting in, as we’ve discovered in previous blogs, a lower carbon footprint.

Plus, supporting British dairy means supporting British farmers, whose stewardship of the land is vital for maintaining the picturesque landscapes of the British countryside. These animals play a crucial role in shaping and preserving the rural landscapes that define the UK. It's a simple equation: no cows, sheep, and goats equals no countryside as we know it!

Quality for Less

Investing in British cheese not only champions local artisanship but also represents a savvy choice for the discerning cheese lover. The elimination of hefty costs that come with long-distance shipping and import taxes is a boon for both your palate and pocket. This directly translates to more affordable access to extraordinary artisan cheeses, without compromising on quality or taste. And today, there is access to these cheeses like never before thanks to shops such as ours.

How Many Types of British Cheese Are There?

As I wrote many moons ago in our blog about the history of British cheese, there are over 700 named cheeses made in the UK. This remarkable diversity is a testament to the country's vast culinary heritage and the artisanal craftsmanship that has evolved over centuries. British cheeses encompass a wide array of textures, flavours, and traditions, and there’s been a surge in artisanal producers and organic dairy farms reviving ancient recipes and experimenting with new methods and ingredients.

Where Can You Buy Authentic British Artisan Cheese?

For those keen to explore the world of British artisan cheeses, Rennet and Rind makes the art of British cheese production accessible for both connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Boasting an all-killer, no-filler selection of award-winning artisan cheddars, Rennet and Rind is the haven for supporting local cheesemakers and sharing the unbeatable quality of British produce.

Should you wish to dive into the realm of British artisan cheeses guided by our suggestions, consider our Mystery Cheese Box. This monthly selection of five artisan cheeses is handpicked each turn of the calendar by me, Perry Wakeman (two-time Affineur of the Year winner, not to toot my own horn!). I aim to offer an exploratory taste adventure into the splendidly unfamiliar, so if you want to experience the heritage and zeal behind the UK’s best cheeses, it’s all available for your discovery at Rennet and Rind.


Perry James Wakeman

Head Cheesemonger of Rennet & Rind. Qualified MonS Affineur, World Cheese Awards Judge and Patron/Trainer of The Academy of Cheese.

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