Blue Cheeses That Might Change Opinions

Nothing beats the power of a blue cheese. Its richness makes for a delicious post-meal dessert, or a nice way to round out a meal if it’s lacking that extra something on the palette. Despite this, many don’t share a similar fondness, seeing Stilton cheese and other blues as having too much strength in their taste and amora.

According to a 2024 report from Gitnux, blue cheese is a favourite among only 3% of consumers in the UK. But this type of cheese still claims prestigious spots in the TasteAtlas Top 100 Cheeses ranking. Celebrated varieties like Gorgonzola, Roquefort, and Stilton, along with less globally known but equally compelling French and Spanish types such as Bleu d'Auvergne, Saint Agur, and Cabrales, make up the elite dairy ensemble. Even still, I think that this is a little bit of an underappreciation for the salt-loaded punch that a blue cheese packs.

Hear me out: learning to appreciate blue cheese is like learning to appreciate jazz music. Like jazz, you’ve got to go into a blue knowing what you’re getting into, and what others like about it. Its marbled blue mould that takes over the paste and creates a unique work of art every time, a testament to how no two cheeses age the same. Its high fat content gives it a creamy texture that crumbles easily and satisfyingly - as you break it down in your mouth, even more flavour is freed. Its intense, slightly metallic tang that is hard to follow up. It’s the reason why many of our Mystery Cheese Box journeys end with a blue to fire up all the tastebuds.

This guide is designed for those who aren’t convinced of blue cheese’s greatness. If it’s in the evening where you are, grab a potent red to match the mood and get to know the blue cheeses that will turn doubters into eaters.

Young Buck

With a more rounded flavour than other Stilton blues, this is perhaps the most temperate way of converting a sceptic into a blue believer. Made in Northern Ireland, a nascent cheesemaking nation, Young Buck was adapted from an old recipe that cheesemaker Michael Thomson found in Stilton, the British home of blue cheese. From there, he gives the curd a moderate acidification to create a delectable smooth paste. Complimented by the rough rind, the experience lends Young Buck a balance and a character that matches its name.

British Pecorino Blue

This Leeds-made crowd-pleaser is made for those who love their Italian varieties. Its maker, Mario Olianas, comes from Sardinia and has spent all his life around fresh produce, so he has more than enough experience to remix a classic Pecorino into a piquant burst of nutty sweetness that dances on the tongue. As you peel back the parchment from a wedge of Pecorino Blue, you are met with a peppery aroma and turquoise veins that hint at its audacity even before it touches your palate.

The Duke

The Duke is a majestic unpasteurised blue made in-house by Rennet and Rind’s very own founder, Mark Hulme. In many ways, this cheese epitomises the finest blue cheeses experienced over the years. Visually, The Duke captivates with a gilded rind speckled with blue and a resplendent golden centre. Aged for 12 weeks, it evolves rapidly, boasting veins that imbue a salty zest through its structure. The Duke invites a slow appreciation, its flavour profile elegantly transitioning from creamy, sweet, and salty to a boldly peppery crescendo, making it a homage fit for, well, royalty.


Crafted with precision in Cropwell, Nottinghamshire, Beauvale moves up to the more powerful blues that pour out with taste. Look at its gentle blue veining and velvety texture. Taste its soft creamy heart before it gives way to a blend of sweet and salty undertones. Then comes the hidden spiciness, mellowed with hints of pepper and an earthy touch. There’s a different adventure with each bite that beckons the bold.

Cropwell Bishop Stilton

Rounding up with a classic and potent blue, Cropwell Bishop Stilton traffics an unmistakable melt-in-your-mouth quality that then surprises with a spicy tang. Stilton cheese is, of course, a British delicacy and one of the most famous blue cheeses in the world, but the looks of this Stilton are something to behold, too; its blue rivers flowing out of the paste resemble cracked fine china. Hailing from Nottinghamshire, as are all protected Stiltons, Cropwell Bishop is a family recipe that has been passed down through three generations.


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Perry James Wakeman

Head Cheesemonger of Rennet & Rind. Qualified MonS Affineur, World Cheese Awards Judge and Patron/Trainer of The Academy of Cheese.

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