Rosebud Strawberry Jam
Rosebud Strawberry Jam

Rosebud Strawberry Jam is a perennial bestseller. Prepared with generous quantities of fruit and naturally set with unrefined cane sugar.

The most enduringly popular of all Rosebud preserves and made to the same simple recipe since 1989. Rosebud Strawberry Jam contains unrivalled quantities of carefully chosen named varieties of fruit, unrefined cane sugar and a little lemon juice only, relying on the properties of those ingredients alone to achieve a soft set bursting with natural flavour.

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The people behind the best British Preserves. Rosebud.


 Rosebud Preserves, based in Yorkshire, are handmade by Elspeth and her family. Growing up, Elspeth’s mother taught her to appreciate the value of wild and home grown ingredients. By preparing preserves together they were able to enjoy seasonal treats throughout the year, with their favourites ranging from blackberry and apple jam, wild crabapple jelly, sloe gin and traditional piccalilli. By the early 1980s, Elspeth was honing her skills by making preserves for her own family, faithfully following the eight traditional recipes handed down by her mother.

 To me, chutneys in general have lost their way a bit. The corporations have come in and, once again, over-engineered/profiteered from something that was always, and should have remained, simple. Elspeth and Yorkshire Preserves get back to the roots of what a chutney should be. Chunks of fruit (which are actually identifiable!) cooked perfectly. It’s these tiny fruit crunches which provides indulgent textures along with a natural setting, allowing the fla