Tempus British Charcuterie - Spiced Loin
Tempus British Charcuterie - Spiced LoinTempus British Charcuterie - Spiced LoinTempus British Charcuterie - Spiced Loin
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60GM (2 People)

Sweet, nutty, deeply coloured with a defined but balanced profile of star anise, mace and clove

Tempus leave a generous fat cap on their loins – a genuine embodiment of ‘fat means flavour’.  As a more delicate cut of pork, the spices selected are less robust than for some of the other products. We use a mixture including mace, star anise and black pepper.

The fat adds a buttery texture and profile that stays with you and develops with each additional slice.


The people behind the best British charcuterie. Tempus.

Dhruv Baker & Tom Whitaker

"We’re all buying British, but Tempus potentially could be the best. Tempus has a straightforward philosophy: in order to make great charcuterie, you have to start with magnificent animals.

Tempus work extremely closely with a small number of highly specialised and passionate farmers to ensure that they have a sustainable supply of amazing animals raised to the very highest welfare standards. Tempus take animals that are more mature, so our farmers have an even greater responsibility as they are caring for the animals for longer. They believe that these animals offer something genuinely different in terms of flavour and texture especially when marrying them with our intricate spicing and modern curing techniques. The results are well worth all the extra care, attention and effort from everyone involved, from the field to fork."