Perry James Wakeman of Rennet & Rind Wins Prestigious "Affineur of the Year" Title Second Year Running


Perry James Wakeman of Rennet & Rind Wins Prestigious "Affineur of the Year" Title Second Year Running

Rennet & Rind, the renowned cheese affineur, is ecstatic to announce Perry James Wakeman's repeat triumph in claiming the prestigious "Affineur of the Year" title for a second consecutive year. This notable achievement in the world of cheese affinage was unveiled at the ceremony hosted by the Academy of Cheese & Quicke’s at the Chinese Exchange, London on 14th June 2023.

Renowned for his exceptional skill in cheese affinage, Wakeman excelled in the challenge that tested the intricate craft of maturing cheese to its zenith. This year's cheese competition broadened its scope to incorporate varied cheese categories, including mould ripened and crumbly cheeses, further enabling affineurs to demonstrate their diverse affinage skills.

Wakeman's victorious entry, a uniquely matured Baron Bigod, cleverly morphed to resemble a Caerphilly cheese and humorously named 'Vacherin Not Dor', won the judges over. His imaginative approach, termed 'bonkers', was acknowledged as requiring an immense degree of skill, embodying the very spirit of this cheese competition.

“As I stood amongst such talented competitors, I was reminded of our shared dedication to this craft we love so much.  In this moment I am profoundly grateful: to my team at Rennet & Rind, my fellow affineurs and to everyone who loves cheese as much as I do.  Here's to another year of pushing boundaries, embracing bonkers ideas and revelling in the art of affinage”

In a cheese competition teeming with strong competitors such as Brindisa, Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, Neal’s Yard Dairy, No2 Pound Street, Paxton & Whitfield, The Courtyard Dairy, The Crafty Cheese Man, George & Joseph, Indie Fude, The Fine Cheese Co., and The Cheese Lady, Wakeman's artistry and innovation were a cut above the rest. 

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  • Virginia LACEY on

    Many, many congratulations Perry – Affineur of the Year.
    It is particularly impressive because of the strong competitors; here’s hoping the team at Rennet and Rind continue to stand out from the crowd!

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