Montgomery Cheddar

Aged 13 months or more, Jamie Montgomery’s cheddar has a golden interior and satisfying bite that delivers a perfect balance and long, lingering finish. It is made in North Cadbury, in the rustic countryside of southwest England, from unpasteurised milk produced on the Montgomery family’s 500-year old farm.

Perry Current Profile Note:

The old faithful. Montgomery’s Cheddar. Monty’s profile is coming along pretty darn good this year. The flavour is full. Proper round. You’ve got fair few ideas going on in there, but the thing I love about this profile with everything that’s going on... acidity, tang, sweetness, meaty, parma ham salty, they’re all dialled down a bit. Yes, they’re there, but not in your face.

Everyone craves that big impactful flavour, but I think Montgomery’s is a bit of a session cheddar? One to think about, whip out that smoking jacket, pour yourself a nice glass of bitter and just think. What a wonderful experience this cheddar providing is my palate. It will make you work, but it will be worth it. 

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Holstein Friesians

Holstein Friesians are a breed of dairy cattle originating from the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland, and Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany.



Raw milk or unpasteurised milk is milk that has not been pasteurised, a process of heating liquid foods to kill pathogens for safe consumption and extending the shelf life.

A Word on Rennet & Rind Maturing

"Montgomery Cheddar is what I would describe as raw natural cheese, huge variants of great cheddar flavours. It important to try every single batch to ensure we understand what will compliment it well."

Perry James Wakeman- R&R Affineur

North Cadbury, SOmerset, British Isles

North Cadbury is a village and civil parish 5 miles west of Wincanton, by the River Cam, in the South Somerset district of Somerset, England

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Jamie Montgomery

The Montgomery family have been farming the North & South Cadbury pastures for three generations, to make their delicious Montgomery Cheddar.

Jamie Montgomery’s Grandfather, Sir Archibald Langman, bought the family farm in 1911 and while so many others gave up during the World Wars, they continued to churn their cheese for many to enjoy.

The cheese making process has been passed down from generation to generation. Elizabeth Montgomery followed her father’s footsteps and took the reigns from Sir Archibald to ensure the same high-quality standards and unique recipe were followed. She continued to lead through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s at a time when the growth of the supermarkets appeared to seriously threaten the future of unpasteurised cheddar.

But the famous Montgomery cheese survived and when Jamie Montgomery finally inherited the role of Master Cheesemaker from his mother, it coincided with the rise of beautiful artisan foods & independent delicatessens. It now holds its place proudly on the shelves whilst we as customers demand higher quality products and knowledge about the food we consume.

Jamie is committed to every small detail that goes into the production of his family made cheese – from the quality of the grass that his cows graze on, through to the taste and texture of the final product. While many farmers are changing their methods of farming across the country, Jamie has stuck to his guns and still farms in the same traditional way as his family before him.

Part of village daily life is seeing the 200 Friesian cows coming in from the fields ready for milking. His small team are there ready helping him to care for the stunning animals in the best way they can, which in turn produces the best tasting cheese.

Most cheeses are then matured for 12 months wrapped in muslin cloth on wooden shelves. Some are even matured for 18 months for that extra special Montgomery’s Cheddar, it is the epitome of traditional, handmade, unpasteurised Somerset cheddar.

Its deep, rich, nutty flavours have won worldwide acclaim and will continue to do so under the pride and attention of the Montgomery Family.

Cows' Milk, Salt, Animal Rennet, Starter culture. 

of which saturates21.0g
of which sugars<0.1g


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