Should You Add Smoked Cheese to Your Board?

In last week's mystery cheese box video, I showcased one of our new preserves, Smoked Bramley Apple Butter. I wanted to talk a little bit more about it. Usually, all things that have been smoked (specifically cheese) tend to be a bit of polarising within the cheeseboard building sector. Smoked cheeses tend to be the real power figures on the board, bossing around all different flavours and sometimes killing off some of the subtle, nuanced flavours within artisan cheese. However when people love smoked cheese, they really really do love it!

Here's the difficult decision, to add a smoked cheese or not to add smoked cheese?

That's why this smoked apple butter is extremely clever. It provides an easy choice for the cheese fanatic, to simply add a dollop of this beautifully acidic, sweet, appley smokiness on top of your cheese, and hey presto! You've now ticked the box for that smokey cheese fanatic and also you've protected the palates of your other guests who are not a worshipper of all things smoked.

I also popped some in a ham sandwich over the weekend and it was divine, which may also explain my new found love for it.

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