Newton Cheese Tower - Rennet & Rind British Artisan Cheese
Newton Cheese Tower - Rennet & Rind British Artisan Cheese

Newton Cheese Tower

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Evenlode 250gm x 4

Village of Chedworth | Pasteurised | Cow | Washed                                  
Evenlode is a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese, typically having a firm, curdy core with
bright, lactic flavours, and a softer, pudgy breakdown below it's sticky, brick-red
rind, where the flavours are more savoury, meaty, and peanutty, with quite a
pungent aroma.

Second tier

Cropwell Bishop baby stilton x 1.5kg

Nottinghamshire I Pasteurised I Cow I Blue                                                                                    
Cropwell Bishop's creamy ivory interior, has meandering blue tributaries flowing out to the rind like cracked porcelain and its' rich, buttery, caramel, velvety-soft creamy texture, melts in the mouth, with an exquisite spicy tang and a superb long-lasting finish. This extraordinary Blue Stilton is truly one of the King of Cheeses!

Third tier

Baron Bigod x 1kg

Suffolk I Unpasteurised I Cow I                                                                                           
The only raw milk Brie de Meaux style cheese made in the UK. An unctuous
cheese, the taste is complex and beautifully balanced. Traditional Artisan
Brie flavours, such as rich cream butter and earthy button mushrooms
remain prominent, as well as accentuated hints of pan roasted parsnips

Bottom tier

Quickes Cheddar x 4kg

Devon| Pasteurised | Cow | Hard

Quickes is handmade using traditional methods before being bound in cloth and matured for nine months in Devon, and then personally refined in our maturation rooms for a further four months by our Head Affineur, Perry. He aims to increase the intensity of acidity and savoury notes, as well as increasing the presence of crunchy tyrosine crystals.

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we will need 2 weeks notice to ensure your cheese stack is ready for your special occasion. 

Decoration is for image purposes only they are not included in the sale of the cheese Tower

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