Grantchester Cheese Tower - Rennet & Rind British Artisan Cheese
Grantchester Cheese Tower - Rennet & Rind British Artisan Cheese
Grantchester Cheese Tower - Rennet & Rind British Artisan Cheese

Granchester Cheese Tower

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Sinodun Hill 200gm x 2

Oxford | Unpasteurised | British Toggenburg. Anglo Nubian Goats | Soft                              
Made by Fraser Norton & Rachel Yarrow, Sinodun Hill is a ripened goats' cheese pyramid, similar in style to a Pouligny and other French goats' cheeses. Sinodun is made using the traditional method of slow lactic coagulation and is then matured for up to 21 days to develop the flavour and texture. The result is a more flavoursome cheese with mellow citrus notes, light nutty edge, and a smooth mousse-like texture.

Second tier

Cornish Yarg baby x 1kg

Cornwall| Pasteurised | Cow | Hard                                                                                     
Cornish Yarg is made by Catherine Mead (OBE) using a traditional 17th Century recipe discovered and recreated by Alan Gray. Gray spelt backwards has a Cornish ring to it, so Yarg it became. The natural rind is covered in fresh nettles to help the cheese develop a delicate, Mushroomy taste and a bloomy white appearance. Six weeks from field to finish, Yarg is fresh and creamy under its pretty rind with an irresistible crumble in the core.

Third tier

St Helena x 1kg

Suffolk | Unpasteurised | Cow | Washed 

The initial impression is one of creaminess that gradually unfurls a symphony of flavours. The subtle earthiness, reminiscent of an English meadow after rain, is beautifully balanced by the understated, milky sweetness at the heart of St. Helena cheese.

As the tasting continues, hints of nuttiness interweave with a light tang, a testament to the artisanal maturation process. The finale of this extraordinary cheese journey is a gentle bloom of mushroomy undertones, beautifully tempered by a buttery mouthfeel that lingers long after the last bite.

Fourth tier

Cropwell Shropshire Blue x 2kg

Nottinghamshire| Pasteurised |Cow| Blue                                                                           
Lightly laced with blue, this creamy cheese is made with unpasteurised milk and coloured with annatto. The orange hue contrasts beautifully with the blue veins leaving a cheese that is not only a pleasure for the eyes but also the taste buds.

Fifth tier

Ducketts Aged Caerphilly x 4kg

Somerset | Unpasteurised | Cow | Hard                                                                              
Tom Calver of Westcombe adopted Chris Duckett's recipe when he passed away in 2009 not wishing this remarkable raw-milk cheese to vanish! Tom still uses Chris's original brine to salt the cheese and ages the Caerphilly in the perfect habitat, a Cellar complete with a natural spring. Duckett's has a clean yoghurty twang with bright notes of fresh grass, button mushrooms and lemon. Duckett's Aged Caerphilly has a lightness and a delicacy that's the perfect foil on a cheeseboard.

Bottom tier

Baron Bigod x 3kg

Suffolk I Unpasteurised I Cow I                                                                                           
The only raw milk Brie de Meaux style cheese made in the UK. An unctuous cheese, the taste is complex and beautifully balanced. Traditional Artisan Brie flavours, such as rich cream butter and earthy button mushrooms remain prominent, as well as accentuated hints of pan roasted parsnips.

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