Date Tender Published: 10/07/23

Tender Notice - Rennet and Rind

Ref - RAR - 0723 - Digital Marketing Framework & Delivery

Deadline for Submissions:  July 24, 2023 - End of Play 00.00
Project Delivery Deadline: 30 Sept 2023
Submissions are to be sent directly to:

We are seeking proposals from qualified and experienced vendors/agencies to deliver exceptional results and help us achieve our business goals. This tender document provides a comprehensive overview of our needs, objectives, and desired outcomes. We encourage interested parties to review this document carefully and submit their proposals for the management, strategy and a suitable marketing a framework to plan and deliver campaigns covering the following media:

Social Media Strategy and Management
Content and SEO Strategy and Management

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Email Marketing Strategy, set up and Management

We are looking for 3 suppliers who can bid for work under this Framework.

Work will be awarded under this Framework via a Mini-Competition process between the 3 successful Framework bidders.

Other Info
The contracting authority recognises that this contract may be well-suited for small or medium enterprises (SMEs). It is important to note that the selection of tenderers will be solely based on the criteria outlined for the procurement process, regardless of the size of the economic operators.

Overview, Background & Goals
The business began as a sole trader in 1989 under the name "Traditional Cooked Meats" and later rebranded as The Cambridge Food Company Limited in June 2005. With a trading history of 33 years, the company has evolved its focus to primarily specialize in British artisan cheese. Trading as Cheese+, The Cambridge Food Company Limited now supplies British farmhouse cheese and fine food to Contract Caterers, the University Colleges of Cambridge and Colleges, and other independent fine food establishments. The company's main regions of operation are Cambridge and London.

Overview of Landscape
In recent years, the company faced the challenges posed by the pandemic. During the year ending March 31, 2020, the company's sales revenue and workforce were impacted positively. However, due to the effects of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the sales revenue decreased by the year ending March 31, 2021, leading to a reduction in the number of employees. As of the current financial year, with three weeks remaining until March 31, 2022, the company's sales revenue and employee count remain stable.

To adapt and thrive amidst the pandemic, the company launched an online trading arm known as 'Rennet & Rind.' This initiative focuses on directly selling British artisan farmhouse cheese to consumers for their homes. In the previous year, Rennet & Rind achieved notable sales revenue, and the current year shows a positive trend in revenue growth.

The artisan cheese industry in the UK is worth an estimated £1.2 billion per year. It is a growing industry, with sales increasing by 6% per year in recent years. This growth is being driven by a number of factors, including:

The increasing popularity of artisan foods

The growing demand for locally-produced food

The increasing awareness of the health benefits of cheese


Our company, an Artisan Cheesemonger, is embarking on an exciting journey to become the biggest and most renowned Cheesemonger in the country. To achieve this ambitious goal, we have outlined the following key objectives:

Enhance Brand Visibility and Recognition:

Our primary focus is to increase brand awareness and recognition across the board. We aim to establish ourselves as a leading player in the industry, known for our exceptional selection of artisanal cheeses. By effectively promoting our brand, we will capture the attention of both wholesale clients and individual customers.

SEO - Search Visbility:

We understand the significance of being easily discoverable by online users searching for artisanal cheese products. Thus, we prioritise search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies and techniques to improve our organic search rankings and increase our online visibility. By enhancing our website's SEO/content, optimising relevant keywords, and implementing effective SEO practices, we believe we will attract a wider audience and drive targeted traffic to our online platforms. Through monitoring, analysis, and adaptation of SEO tactics, we will continuously improve our search visibility, expand our online reach, and establish ourselves as the go-to online source for artisanal cheese, further contributing to our overall revenue growth.

Wholesale Sector Expansion:
The wholesale sector represents a significant growth opportunity for us. Our goal is to establish strong partnerships with various wholesale clients, such as restaurants, hotels, and speciality food stores. By providing them with top-quality artisan cheeses and exceptional service, we aim to secure long-term business relationships and become their go-to supplier.

Consumer Sector Expansion:
In parallel with our focus on SMEs, we need to place great importance on driving substantial business-to-consumer (B2C) revenue growth through this contract. Our objective is to establish strong connections with individual customers, positioning ourselves as the premier choice for artisanal cheeses. By implementing targeted marketing strategies, personalised customer experiences, and convenient purchasing options, we will enhance our brand recognition and capture the loyalty of B2C clientele. We are committed to maximizing B2C revenue growth, solidifying our position as a market leader, and becoming the top destination for cheese connoisseurs nationwide..

Revenue Growth Maximisation:

Through strategic marketing and sales efforts, we strive to maximize revenue growth across multiple channels. In addition to our focus on the wholesale sector, we will also tap into the potential of mystery cheese boxes and cut cheeses. These offerings will cater to individual customers seeking curated cheese experiences and the convenience of pre-cut cheese portions.

Achieve a Favorable Return on Investment (ROI):

We understand the importance of efficiently managing our resources and investments. Our objective is to ensure a favourable return on investment by implementing cost-effective marketing strategies, optimising operational processes, and continuously monitoring financial performance. By carefully analysing our ROI, we will make data-driven decisions to drive growth and profitability.

In summary, our overarching goal is to become the biggest Cheesemonger in the country by enhancing brand visibility, primarily targeting the wholesale sector. We will achieve this by maximising revenue growth, building strong partnerships, and ensuring a favourable ROI across wholesale, mystery cheese boxes, and cut cheeses. With a strategic focus on these objectives, we are confident in our ability to establish our brand as the go-to destination for artisanal cheese lovers nationwide.

Tender Campaign Deliverables for Scope:

1. Paid Advertisement Strategy and Delivery for Google and Meta Channels:

We are seeking proposals from digital marketing agencies to develop and execute a paid advertisement strategy for Google and Meta channels.


Our goal is to effectively engage both B2C and B2B customers through targeted advertising campaigns. We are specifically interested in leveraging Google and LinkedIn for B2B targeting and Google, META, and TikTok for B2C targeting. The chosen agency should have expertise in retargeting tactics, allowing us to optimise our reach and target specific demographics, interests, behaviours, and locations to ensure our content reaches the right audience.

2. CRO for Website Conversion Increase:

We are looking for digital marketing agencies to propose a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy to increase website conversions and drive revenue growth. The objective is to systematically improve our website's performance to enhance the user journey and increase the percentage of converting visitors. The chosen agency should conduct user behaviour analysis, implement testing methodologies, and refine call-to-action elements. It is crucial for the agency to consider both B2C and B2B perspectives in their approach.

3. Email Marketing Strategy, Setup, and Management:

We invite digital marketing agencies to submit proposals outlining their strategic approach to email marketing setup and management. Our aim is to effectively engage our subscribers, build strong customer relationships, and drive conversions through personalised email campaigns. The proposed strategy should cover various types of emails, including promotional emails, newsletters, welcome emails, personalised messages, abandoned cart reminders, and re-engagement campaigns. The chosen agency will be responsible for setting up and managing these email campaigns to optimise open rates, click-through rates, and overall email performance. 

4. SEO and Content Marketing Strategy and Optimisation:

We are seeking digital marketing agencies to develop and implement an SEO and content marketing strategy to improve our website's visibility and attract organic traffic. The objective is to increase non-paid traffic by making our website more relevant and accessible to search engines. The chosen agency should conduct extensive keyword research to target our audience's search intent and develop content aligned with their needs. It is important for the agency to employ technical SEO activities to improve crawlability and ensure a healthy website according to search engine guidelines. The proposed strategy should encompass on-page optimisation, content creation, and technical SEO to enhance our website's search visibility and drive organic traffic.

Summary of Terms:

As the client, we expect the selected digital marketing agency to adhere to the following terms and conditions for the provision of their services. The agency will be required to deliver the paid advertisement strategy and execution, conversion rate optimisation, email marketing setup and management, and SEO and content marketing strategy and optimisation as outlined in the project scope. The agency should provide regular progress reports, maintain open communication channels, and promptly address any concerns or issues that may arise during the engagement. Payment terms, invoicing procedures, and any additional contractual obligations will be agreed upon in the final contract.

We reserve the right to terminate the agreement if the agency fails to meet the agreed-upon deliverables or breaches any terms and conditions outlined in the contract.